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Blog Mondays: What I’m Doing with My Life

A special thanks to Maria V Snyder for inviting me to participate on the blog hop. Getting to know her very dedicated fan base has been absolute delight over the past month. I was really quite honored when her email showed up in my inbox. So, now the task at hand is to talk about my writing process. We all know how much that prospect fills me with equal parts dread and joy. Here goes, my four questions for Blog Mondays!

Joseph Conrads writing desk

4. What am I Working On?

In the creative sense, I’m working on the follow-up to the second book in the Demos City Series. I have the first 10 chapters mapped out and am hard at work sewing all the threads together. One thing I can’t stand is hanging plot points so I do a lot of painstaking work to make sure everything has a reason for happening. The reader might not perceive its significance immediately, but there’s rarely extraneous bits thrown about the narrative.

3. How Does My Work Differ from Others of Its Genre?

The Demos City Series is about people who happen to be supernatural creatures in a world that doesn’t so much give a damn about their ‘otherness.’ The wolf is a part of their lives in so much as ethnicity and xenophobia weave themselves into our modern prejudices and (ultimately) conflicts. My work wants to ask questions about family and understanding the world and trying to get out from the under the thumb of bastards that would hold you down. And traffic. And coffee. And being well out of your depth.

2. What Do I Write What I Do?

No choice really. Leon Gray has lived in my head for some time. So has David Hastings. They were unnamed pals swimming about in there before I put them on paper, and now there’s no real stuffing the whole world back in.

I write what I do because I saw this type of story and voice missing from what was available for readers. The entire genre was in serious danger of becoming a trope of itself. And while I can’t say I’m breaking any new literary ground here, I do hope that the story is entertaining and makes people think a tad about their relationships and how they see the world.

1. How Does Your Writing Process Work?

With sticky notes, numbered lists and manic phone calls when it all doesn’t make sense. Basically, I try to conceive the narrative in chunks, denoting who’s perspective (Leon, Shauna, or Hastings) takes center stage in each and how that chapter fits in within the context of the whole. It’s a creative sort of science, but it gets the job done. The chapter outlines are always rough and more than a few times I write the actual scene and the characters’ choices dictate a new path. So, the narrative bends to suit what’s right for them. In a sense, I’m the current and the characters are the oar.

That’s it! More or less. So to speak.

The next stop along the tour will be Alex Nader, author of Beasts of Burdin. Here’s the thing: He doesn’t know it yet! So, if you can’t beat me to the punch in surprising Nader with a spot on this tour, I’m sure I’ll have more than one shocked email in my inbox by the time I make it to my writing desk in the morning.

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One comment on “Blog Mondays: What I’m Doing with My Life

  1. Maria V. Snyder
    August 12, 2014

    Thanks for being a part of the blog hop! I enjoyed your answers. Good luck with writing the second book – I find the second book in a series is a bear to wrestle with and balancing how much to “re-cap” from book one with new stuff for book two is always a struggle for me.

    Thanks, too for the lovely comments 🙂

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