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Announcing the Winner of Maria V Snyder’s Swag Bag

First, and perhaps foremost, I’d like to thank the honorable J.A. Belfield for running a supremely awesome weekend with the Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt. Everyone I spoke with had glowing things to say about its execution. Hats off, madame. Now then, to business! We had quite the crowd around here over the last several days. That is due in all parts to Maria V Snyder, who was my guest here for the Scavenger Hunt. Her prize, need I remind you, was a collection of signed bookmarks and a rare cover from the UK Edition of MAGIC STUDY. Nearly 100 people commented on the blog post, which served as their entry to win said swag.

We have a winner. Chosen via to correspond with the poster’s comment number, who is:

 Sally Pritchett!

Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt

Yes, my dear, you’ve won the prizes pictured above! Maria shall be autographing them for you personally and will be in contact with you shortly, if she has not been already, to get all your information for delivery. Thanks everyone who participated and even checked my own stuff, The Demos City Series, while you were here to say wonderful things about Snyder’s work. It means a lot to all of us on this tour (and my publisher!) that you would take the time to see what we’re all about.

Congratulate Sally, and for all those who didn’t win, I can almost guarantee we’ll be doing something like this again sometime in the future. So stick around!

Image Credit: Kraig Steppe


2 comments on “Announcing the Winner of Maria V Snyder’s Swag Bag

  1. Sally Pritchett
    July 24, 2014

    Thanks once again Jonathan. Maria’s been in contact this week. Looking forward to receiving the goodies. 🙂

  2. Sally Pritchett
    August 4, 2014

    Just thought I’d let you know that the swag has arrived! Thanks again to the both of you. A picture is available on my blog:

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