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A Blog Tour and Special Release Day Annoucement

Bullet, A Demos City Novel will release to the world through the good people at J Taylor Publishing on June 16th. I’m already working on the third installment to the Demos City Series, though it’s been slow progress because of all the other exciting stuff I’ve got going on. Just what occupies my attentions of late that would keep me from my writing chains…er desk? Glad you asked, person I just made up. Glad you asked…

Bullet a Demos City Novel

Bullet Blog Tour Dates

I’m hitting the digital road again on some select dates to celebrate the first month of Bullet’s release into the wild! The stops this time are filled with unique interviews, original articles and character studies that you won’t find anywhere else on the web regarding Leon Gray and his merry band. The bloggers, writers and critics on these stops really put a lot of thought into the topics and questions I was given and it shows on the page.  Here are the dates and the blogs you can visit on the respective days:

Drowning in Words 6.16.2014

 Kj Reads A Lot  6.17.2014

Scribbler’s Sojourn    6.18.2014

Julie Antonovich Reece 6.18.2014

Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews 6.20.14

Aimee Laine 6.23.2014

Happy Tails and Tales   6.24.2014

Alex Nader Writes 6.25.2014

Julie Belfield 6.28.2014

Shout with Emaginette 7.3.2014

Release Day Special Pricing for Crossroads!

Worried that you won’t be able to keep up with all the intrigue of the new novel? Have a Xanax and champagne, my friend, because J Taylor is drawing you a fiscal bubble bath. To celebrate the release of Bullet, the first novel in the series, Crossroads, will be available for a limited time for just $0.99. So if you want to grab digital copies of both books for your Kindle or other e-reader, it’ll cost you about $5. You can only buy half of one of the paperback versions for the same price.

It’s the type of deal that’s integral to the independent publishing model and one you don’t regularly see from the Big Six. Because they’re a smaller house. JTP has the flexibility to alter pricing while keeping their costs down all in an effort to expand readership for their authors (like me) and bring more people into the worlds they’ve created.

So to recap: June 16th. Be around Barnes & Noble or Amazon or other bookseller. I’m excited to continue telling this story in a world that I think is very much like our own. Same prejudices. Same hangups. Same political landscape. Same werewolves.

Wait. What?


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