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Bullet, a Demos City Novel, Coming June 2014!

Bullet a Demos City Novel“Tonight isn’t for olive branches. It’s more like a storm long coming.”

Ominous isn’t it? That’s way I like it around here. I know some of you have been waiting quite some time for this update, which is why I’m very pleased to announce that Bullet, the second installment in the Demos City Series will release through J Taylor Publishing in June 2014. The follow-up to Crossroads picks up where the first book left off, and depends the intrigue and relationships forged in the previous narrative. The first phase in the story editing process is complete and the publisher should be previewing the book’s cover in the coming weeks.

I’m proud of the work and the effort I’ve put into really deepening the story and giving Leon, Shauna and Hastings a world to stretch their legs in. Thanks also goes to the good people at J Taylor for continuing to put these books in print. My gratitude stumbles over itself in the expressing. For anyone who follows this series, I promise you’re going to enjoy the living hell out of what’s in stores in this new book’s pages. I watched a lot of The Wire when writing this one. Don’t know how that all plays into the story as crafted, but the arc strikes me as something riddled with shadowy maneuverings, more characters in very real peril. The stakes, as they are wont to say, couldn’t get much higher. Until they do, of course.

There’s more to come friends, just wait and see.


Photo Credit: Larry Johnson


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