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Announcing Crossroads a Demos City Novel Giveaway Winners!

Yes the blog tour is at an end and that’s but one thing — I get to give away all this free stuff! I’d like to thank everyone who jumped through the hoops to enter the contest as well as those who were simply relentless about letting people know this book (and the giveaway) even existed. All the characters in Crossroads, a Demos City Novel kind of have all of you to thank for their continued existence. That means more to me than any sales number or Amazon author rank or bestseller list. All of you gave a damn, and that’s amazing. So without further gilding the lily here are the winners in category of the stuff you won! If you see your name, we’ll need your address or shipping info to send your bookmarks, free paperbacks and such. You can send that as an email to or send it to me in a direct message on Twitter to @realjonlister. Thank you all again so very much.

Jonathan Lister writer

Winning a Pair of Autographed Crossroads Bookmarks

  • Jeanne Agee
  • Jieru Shi
  • Christine Jay
  • Michelle Williams
  • Mary Ellen Kolbe
  • Becki Brannen
  • Cynthia B. Clubbs
  • Shelby Mead
  • Holly Biggs
  • Myra Espino
  • Avie Serolf
  • Tallulah A. Scribbles
  • Isabelle Frisch
  • Carolyn McCanna
  • Tammy P. Romine

Winning a 4-Pack of Autographed Crossroads Bookmarks

  • Alexandra Marta
  • Jennifer Runkle
  • Caitlin Stern
  • Tasha T. Lennhoff
  • Tina Myers
  • Jenny Michaud
  • Wendy Railey
  • Daycia D. Leppert

Jonathan Lister books

Winning 4 Autographed Bookmarks and a Signed Paperback of the Novel

  • Natalie Clearly
  • Natasha Perez Camara

Crossroads Jonathan Lister

Winner of the Signed Crossroads Promotional Poster

  • Lexi Paige

Crossroads Demos City

Winner of the Signed, Annotated Copy of the Novel Plus 2 Autographed Bookmarks

  • Shelley Summers

Again, thank you everyone who entered. But wait, there’s more! I’m going to have a special announcement coming in the next couple weeks. It’s a good one, so you’ll want to stay tuned to the Facebook page or continue to follow me on Twitter. More to come my friends. So much more.



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