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November 4: Crossroads Releases Today!

So it’s finally here — the first novel in the Demos City series, Crossroads, is available everywhere in print and ebook formats. There’s no simple way to describe the journey it’s been from creating the story in its very earliest stages to drafts of chapters and voluminous rewrites ’til this moment. Mind bending. I’m tremendously grateful to the people at J Taylor Crossroads Jonathan ListerPublishing for seeing good things in the narrative, and having the fortitude to take me on as the navigator to Leon Gray’s wonky ship. Now all i need to do is sit back and wait for the dump trucks filled with gold coins to show up, right? Nope! There are blog tour stops all this month and into the next to kick off the release. The first of which are at Moonlight Gleam and Lola’s Reviews. Just click the links and that will take you to the little something I’ve written. I’m pretty proud of them, so I hope you enjoy. I’ll be stopping by each website to reply to comments, answer questions, maybe give away a free book or two and update visitors on what’s going on with the release so don’t hesitate to say a digital hello.

Where Can I Buy the Book?

That would be helpful wouldn’t it? If you’re a Barnes & Noble fan, you can purchase the novel by going here. If you prefer Amazon services, and want a special release discount on the paperback release of the novel, well then just go here. That last link will also allow you to purchase a Kindle version of the work.  I’m not a salesman, but purchasing a copy with your hard-earned dollars would mean a tremendous deal to me. It shows that you care enough about the characters and the success of this ongoing story to invest in them, and I’ll try terribly hard to reward your support by providing the best product I can.

What About the Contest?

Liking the Facebook page gets you into the portal to see all the good stuff we’re giving away to celebrate the release. Everything is 100 percent real and in all cases are either signed by me or having my scribblings from previous edits on them. The autographed poster looks amazing if you can’t tell by the image in this blog post. We’ll ship to anyone regardless of location, so don’t think you’re excluded just because you live at the bottom of the ocean.

Again. I can’t thank all of you enough.


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