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Update: Coming to You Live from the Front Lines

Crossroads novelHope everyone enjoyed the cover art for Crossroads: a Demos City Novel. Judging by the generally positive reaction, I’d say it’s a success — bodes well for the release in November don’t you think? Can’t thank everyone enough for all the nice comments and well wishes. Spread the word. It’s working. We’ve got a number of exciting things (and perhaps things to win) in the works leading up to that day in November, so keep checking in.

For now, updating everyone on where we’re at in the publication process: line edits. That’s the portion of the program where tiny red lines riddle the text, point grammatical errors and places where the words don’t make sense in the current order. Tedious? Yes. Necessary? Damn right. Without this step we end up with a publication that’s rough around ankles, still has all the flash on it. Think of the line edits as the modeling knife of the writing world — sharp enough to clean it.

After that’s completed, and should I survive the process, the manuscript goes for a final review. Then a final (final) review. Panic attacks happen, wine, panic attacks, wine. THEN! review copies go out, which puts us somewhere in the middle to end of summer. It’s exciting. I’m excited. You should be excited. We’ve come a long, strange way to be here. Anyone who’s shown interest in these characters, in Demos City, the story, or any part of the journey has a hand in where we go from here. You, the readers, are all so vital to the story’s life, to its ability to grow and change and become so much bigger than I’d anticipated.

The attention would embarrass Leon Gray, but I think the time has come for him to face the spotlight. Shauna would push him out on stage anyway, just to see what happened next. I can’t wait to see.

Photo Credit: Pop Culture Geek


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