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YouTube Can Cure Anything: John Butler and the Discovery of Awesome

John Butler TrioA rant is a song of madness. At least that’s what I heard someone — who’s learned opinion I valued — say once. The word comes from an old Dutch word first used in the 1600s. Yep, as living things go, language is one of the older life forms on the planet. It shifts, changes with our needs, even goes extinct in spots if we don’t care for it properly. The word came to mind in it’s original form when someone, who’s opinion I also valued, sent this clip over to me. Now, I can’t remember a time before hearing it. Music, or songs, are like that.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the drone style routine of weekday vs weekend. Take a break, give this a listen, put the headphones in if you have to. It’s totally work appropriate if you’re still cooped up for the day. Just close your eyes. John Butler is one of those amazing guitar players you’ve never heard of, but has toured all over the world and played festival on top of festival for years. You’ll be glad you clicked.


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