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Did You Buy a Meth Lab? It’s a Breaking Bad World Out There

homebuyer help guideA friend of mine is in the process of buying her first home with her fiancé, and I thought I’d help out by doing a little research to avoid buying a dud of a house with a jacked up mortgage.  You know what I found? People buying homes with the ‘fixer-upper’ label only to discover that the place used to be a meth lab. Did the seller them? Nope. How about the mortgage company? Strangely silent. As it turns out, a surprising number of states have laws requiring notification that a home was a ‘clandestine laboratory,’ but there are loopholes big enough to drive a truck full of Sudafed through.

In my white-knuckled outrage, I searched for articles detailing other issues that could come up in a home that a seller just doesn’t have to tell a prospective buyer about, and which ones they do. This article here sums it up succinctly. Give it a read if you’re looking to purchase a home within the next year. It could seriously change the questions you ask your real estate agent. With my own finances ever in flux, and a book about to come out later in the year, me thinks I’ll be renting for a little while longer.

Publication Update: J. Taylor Publishing is in the process of putting together a book trailer for Crossroads. It’s a little like a teaser for a film, with video, images and music to increase the experience. The manuscript is finished and going through copy edits. Check back often because I’ll post a preview chapter as soon as it’s ready to go.


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