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We Are Not Monsters Anymore

The sunset reflects off the windows of the Baltimore city skyline at dusk, MarylandHello! Welcome to the blog, just like the old blog, but with a new shiny name. We’ll be giving new updates and posts here, and of course, continued rants about the whole process of creating stories with characters who are just like you and me — weird.

The publishing process is a funny thing, and just because you attract the interest of an agent, or a house, doesn’t mean you’re done with the writing. Quite, in fact, to the contrary. It’s only the beginning of the process, and here, we’ll lay it all bare from the beginning of the story edits through to the final ARCs. Demos City is full of monsters, and not all of them are werewolves, most of them stay human on the inside all the time. Isn’t that the most frightening thing about bad things? Most of the time, they end up looking just like you.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days. I promise there’s so much more exciting news right around the corner.


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